US Foods Sanitation Worker - Stock Yards Start Time 4:00 p.m. in Orlando, Florida

Job Description:

Basic Purpose-

Responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of division building and related property.


1) Perform cleaning and sanitation of plant equipment and environment in a through and safe manner.

2) Operate cleaning systems and equipment as trained and specified.

3) Ensure all quality assurance (Pre Op) checks are performed at designated intervals.

4) Ensure accurate record keeping of performed testing and recording charts are properly documented according to company and regulatory regulations.

5) Adhere to all current SOP’s, procedures, and quality requirements.

6) Maintain a safe, clean, organized work area throughout the facility and common areas.

7) Maintain cooperative working relationships and communications with employees from all other departments.

8) Obtain and maintain training, certifications, and licenses that are required.

9) Perform all other duties as assigned that are necessary, required, or directed by plant management


Education/Training : High School Diploma/GED preferred. Must be able to read, write and communicate in English as it relates to the job and to the safety regulations. Must have basic math skills (add, subtract, multiply, divide). Must be able to work continually in a refrigerated environment 35°F- 45°F. Must be able to work for periods of time in a freezer environment -10°F to 10°F with company provided apparel. Finish time is when work is completed and could require overtime with or without notice.

Related Experience/Requirements:

Minimum one year sanitation, production or warehouse experience required, preferably in a food environment.

Physical Requirements:

F = Frequently O = Occasionally R = Rarely

JOB REQUIRES WORKER TO: 1. SIT: N/A 2. STAND: F 3. WALK: F 4. DRIVE: O; Items: Fork lift, Pallet Jack, High Lift

JOB REQUIRES WORKER TO LIFT: 1. 1-10 lbs (Sedentary): O 2. 10-20 lbs (Light): O 3. 25-50 lbs (Medium): O 4. 50-100 lbs (Heavy): O 5. Over 100 lbs (Very Heavy): R

JOB REQUIRES WORKER TO CARRY: 1. 1-10 lbs (Sedentary): O 2. 10-20 lbs (Light): O 3. 25-50 lbs (Medium): O 4. 50-100 lbs (Heavy): O 5. Over 100 lbs (Very Heavy): N/A

JOB REQUIRES WORKER TO: 1. Push/pull: O/F 5-100 pounds; Item: Trash Cart, Broom, Mop, Pallet Jack 2. Climb/balance:O; Item: Stairs, High Lift 3. Stoop/squat: F 4. Kneel/bend: F 5. Bend: F 6. Reach above shoulder: O 7. Grasp objects: F; Type: Trash, Cleaning materials 8. Manipulate objects: F 9. Twisting: O

Primary Location: Orlando-FL

Schedule: Full-time Shift: Evening Job

Job Function: Maintenance

Job Level: Individual Contributor

Travel: No